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Long time

Well, lots has changed and I have been very bad at keeping up with any entries or even reading what is going on. I have a boyfriend who is moving here in a couple of months - we are awesome together and have so many things in common it is almost scary! I just had surgery and am well on the way to recovery faster than usual - but that's me - an overachiever! I am going to try to set aside some time to catch up, but start school again soon and the masters program is a bit more intensive than my bachelors was - duh...Incase you really want to say hi, I am on Facebook or leave me a message!


I went to see a surgeon on Tuesday about my arms going numb and electric fence feelings in my arm, shoulder, and face. He called, yes the doctor actually called! Surgery is on Thursday, June 11th... So fast, I am not ready, but oh well. And I was hoping to have some human contact (male, of course) - just incase.


A lot has happened recently. I have been talking to my daughter every day almost. She is moving out here to go to college! I will be her "guinea pig" because she wants to be a therapeutic masseuse! We both have been on a roller coaster ride with everything from my ex threatening to send me to jail if she comes to the knowledge that college is $1074 a semester! Too tierd to write more.


ok, so at midnight the phone rings and it is Jeremy (my 19yo)calling to wish me a happy mothers day. hat was awesome, but then he says someone wants to talk to you mom... my mind was reeling - who in the hell would want to talk to me, that's in Texas with my son??? It was my daughter, Molly!!!!! We couldn't talk long, but it was great, she even said that she misses me and loves me and wants to come visit. Best Mother's Day in a LONG, LONG time.

Hot Mothers-Day Graphics!


well, it's been awhile and things are the same and not the same. I see a neurosurgeon on Thursday, but I do not know if it is for my neck, no reflexes in arms and left arm/hand numb, or my lower back, have 2 missing discs and compressed nerves - no reflexes in left leg - where did those damn discs run off too I wonder?

So will know more on Thursday, in the meantime I had to stop my masters program because typing can be a disaster sometimes. putting in for disability services, but that takes time, but I have 6 months free at the most (then finances get weird). Started adderal for ADHD and it is great, I can function again, but now I am out of school and bored stiff.

I did go out on two dates. one 10 years older... like dating an old man and one 10 years younger, like dating a kid... Thank goodness they both live 100 miles away in opposite directions because they're not relationship material - at least for me. I have met a local guy I am in "something" with, but there are - well I just do not know, I got brave and told him I wanted to go out and boy - what a strange answer - he said "oh no - we have to talk about this..." I am waiting, he has called several times though asking for favors - lol. He has about 25 horses and is a horse wrangler for the movies. His horses are in several PBS documentaries, The Horse Whisperer, and The Missing, among many others. I am going riding, do not care if I am not supposed to!


I graduated with a 3.87 GPA. Start my masters April 21, if I still have usable hands. Working on disability assistance for school. I need surgery because the bone chips in my first fusion kept growing and are compressing the nerves to my hands - it sucks. Not diving far anymmore - just incase.
Talked my my 19yo, Jeremy, today. He was in a bad dirt bike accident, concussion, torn arm ligaments, etc. Pissed because no one called me as usual - and he was in the hospital. oh well, nothing I can do about it. So it is taking him a bit longer to move up here.
Been doing ok atherwise, I gusess, but headed into depression - I think...


I may have accidentally gotten a job. I went to a job fair for an administrative position and after looking at my resume the girl said, "We have a higher paying position but you have to have either a year clean or be mentally ill and in treatment." Mae the mistake of telling her I have multiple years clean and see my therapist weekly... That led to a 40 minute interview. The job won't start until June which gives me time to sort out the latest medical problems of cramping and numbness. My arms, and chest are cramping like mad - and it hurts. he right side of my face, neck, and chest are numb - that's bad means problem with nerves right below my skull.

In other news...my financial counselor called (a substitute) and said - "Gee, sorry to tell you but we need $1500 plus by today or you cannot take the last class." WTF!!! Thank goodness for Jewish parents who care about education - I am still on track to graduate March 30.
I started a new psyc med & an arthritis drug - no problem with sleep now - I can and have been sleeping all day & night, but I still can't concentrate - call the shrink and let him know this drug sucks!

And last but not least - Kind of have a crush on this local guy and finally figured out why - he is blunt and can be really rude because he tells the truth - i.e. - not a nice guy! (I am not fond of all the nice guys I have been meeting) Heaven - help me...


And if that wasn't bad enough:

I am alive...

Sorry I have been absent. Life is ok, I am surviving emotionally and physically, if not financially. I got really sick for a couple of weeks and this slowed down my attempt to rent out my rooms, so maybe this week, I will finally get to that chore. Otherwise, all remains the same.

I have a really difficult literature class at the moment, but on March 30, 2009, I finish my bachelors!!!!! Commencement is on July 18 in Phoenix - too hot, but going anyway. I have already contacted the school about continuing on to get my masters.

I have been having visitors - now I know why I am anti-social - lol. Right now my foster son from Texas is visiting and is such a pleasure to have here as he is literate!

I have not been getting out but have met a couple of guys, really, really, really, really nice guys - now know that I do not prefer "nice guys", ok, I like nice guys but they need an "edge" and to be literate.